The first step in designing a focus group is to decide whether or not a focus group is appropriate.  Once it is established that it is appropriate it takes roughly about 6 weeks to complete the design for the focus group.  Some things to consider when designing a focus group are:

  • What is the purpose of the group/what information are you trying to get out of it?
  • Who will you get to participate in the focus group?
  • What questions or ideas do you want to be covered in the focus group?
  • How much time should be allotted for this group?
  • How many people should be invited to participate?
  • Where should this group be held?

When designing a focus group, remember to put all of your thoughts on paper.  Come up with a list of questions or ideas you would like to see discussed in the focus group.  Find a person to conduct the focus groups who can be objective about the product or service being discussed. This is usually someone familiar with the product and can provide knowledge and objectivity.  Keep in mind, successful focus groups look for both positive and negative feedback. A solid screening process is a must for potential participants.  Poorly screened participants can derail a focus group. Once all of these aspects are decided then it is time to conduct the focus group.