A Focus group may take place at a variety of places.  Most typical is a purpose viewing facility.  These rooms contain one-way mirrors where researchers can see the respondents but they cannot see the researchers.  Viewing facilities often give the option of using a video recorder so that others may view the discussion at a later date.  Summaries and transcripts can also be produced from the video and audio at a later date.

The researcher or client may opt to hold the focus group in a hotel.  A suitable room is chosen, one that will be big enough to hold everyone participating in the focus group.  The researcher will normally opt for a more laid back atmosphere than a business atmosphere.  Participants are more likely to open up and take part in the discussion if they feel more relaxed.  The researcher may also opt to hold the group in a library.  Often, local libraries have small meeting rooms where people are allowed to gather and have a discussion.  Recruiters sometimes offer their own homes for the groups to take place in. This is perhaps the best value option and the most personal.  Groups may also take place at the client’s work place.  The most common place is the purpose viewing facility.  However, a focus group can be held anywhere the recruiter or researcher deems acceptable and if the location has been approved by both the client and the location owner or manager.