People like to participate in focus groups for mainly three reasons.  The want to earn extra money, have their voices be heard, and learn about the topic at hand.  Some people simply enjoy taking part in group discussions and enjoy giving their feedback.  Many people also feel that they would not attend a focus group that others like them would not attend.

The first reason people participate in focus groups is the extra money.  Participants in focus groups are generally paid as an incentive to participate.  The amount of money that is paid to the participants depends on the type of group and the amount of difficulty that came with recruiting the participants.  Some focus groups pay very well which can be very helpful to someone who is struggling financially.  The second reason people attend focus groups is because people like to give their opinions about various topics.  People find it interesting to meet with other peers and discuss a topic of interest.  For many it is a break in their daily routine and a fun way to spend their afternoon.

The final reason people participate in focus groups is because they are interested in the research technique or are interested in the topic being covered.  Focus groups are a great way for people to find out new information about a topic.  Focus groups enable them to talk with others about different aspects of the subject.  Many business and medical professionals attend focus groups to keep up to date with new developments in their field of practice.  The groups usually introduce new products or developments that will be introduced to them in the future.